Crystal Orgone Octagon Vastu Plate

Crystal Orgone Octagon Vastu Plate

Code : OO#0010

Gemstone : Orgonite

Size : 3-3.5 inch Approximately

MOQ  : 5Pcs

Weight : 190 – 220g

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  • Vaastu is one of the most ancient sciences of architecture and is composed of specific rules, regulations and directions, set down by the sages of the vedic times. The word “vastu” can be generally translated as “dwelling” and the term “shastra” can be summed up as teaching.
  • The highly effective and very powerful OrgoneVastu Plate or Device will automatically neutralize and harmonize all these extremely noxious and harmful energies, protecting you, your family and your loved ones, providing you with total radiation shielding. Most of harmful energies cause stress on our bodies, making us fatigued, sleepless and unwell providing the required vastu for house.
  • Our parents and grandparents were never exposed to such noxious energies as the ones we are now getting exposed to as more new electronic devices and wireless technology are developed. The Geoclense Home VastuFor House device has now become known to be the World’s most protective Orgone Generator. By placing orgone in and around your home, you will become aware of the extraordinary change they will have on you and your surroundings.
  • In addition, these organ devices are beautiful as well as functional. They’re easy to use, fit into every life style, are perfect for young as well as old and don’t need an instruction booklet or special training to use. Each orgone vibrates at an extremely high level and significantly increases the aura and protects from stress, negative energy and harmful, electromagnetic radiation.
  • It accelerates the flow of energy in our bodies and acts as a preventative medicine. Many people place them in or around areas where they relax to enhance the positive energies of that area. The orgone repel the negatives thus promoting a constant positive field to help them unwind after a busy day. The orgone can be placed under your bed, in your nightstand, to help with insomnia and sleep better. Carrying an orgone in your purse or pocket is also a wonderful way to take positive energy with you outside your home or office.
  • Kindly note that since all our products are handcrafted and handmade there always exists slight or minor deviations in size, colour, shape and looks compared to photo. However, the Metaphysical Properties and Healing Qualities will be excellent.
  • The beauty of ORGONE is that it can be combined with various terminologies like Reiki, Usui, Karuna, Earth Elements, Arch Angel, Chokurei, Crystal Therapy, Chakra Balancing Therapy, Pyramid Therapy, Pendulum Therapy, Massage Ball Therapy, Vastu Therapy, Chakra Sanskrit Therapy, Generator Effects, Merkaba Sets, Healing with Massage Sticks and Wands.
  • Orgone gives huge boost while working with above terms using gemstones and semiprecious stones. It works faster and better giving amazing benefits to human body compared to working with normal gemstones. Let orgone help calm your ever-increasing stressful environment, whether it is home, work or school.Not only are they beautiful but they’re also a powerful tool to help physically, mentally and spiritually enhance your life and noticeably reduce negative energy.